Shipping policy 

You should be aware of to difference between shipping policy and refund policy.

Refund policy mainly denotes any product you bought and did not like that product and start asking for the refund of that product and will return the product to the site from where you purchased.

However, shipping policies will allow you to track your product and provide other special services to customers.

We are dedicated to our customers to ship products on time. We have become quite popular among customers as we try to deliver our products flawlessly.

Under shipping policy, we try to give appropriate information to the customers about the

  • shipping method,
  • what kind of options for shipping are available,
  • the amount required to ship any product,
  • the customers can track their products,
  • any barrier caused during shipping will be visible to the customers.

Shipping options and duration of the order

  • Prescriptions
  • If you want your prescriptions to deliver to you at your doorstops, it will take 5-10 business days. We need proper time to contact your doctor for any new medications and provide the requested prescriptions to you. If we get your doctor, then it will take more time than expected.
  • Medical supplies
  • Your medical supplies which you requested will process in two days. It will take some time as we do not deliver any medical supplies without any prescriptions. We will try to contact your doctor, and then we will process your request.
  • Fastest delivery

If you want your medicines to deliver fastest, we require a prescription at the earliest: select express shipping or the quickest delivery option on the website.

  • Deadline

If you request any product, the shipping process will start at the earliest and update in 15-20 minutes. After updating of shipping details, the deadline will automatically be visible to you. The process of your product will update on the same day if it is a working day. The deadline will depend on the stock of that product you requested and how many other customers before you asked for it.

  • Product unavailability

If the product is unavailable, it will be visible on the website. You won’t be able to ship that item till that product is still in stock.

  • Confirmation

After processing your product, you will receive a confirmation mail. For double verification, one of our executes will contact you to confirm the item.

We try to protect the integrity and privacy of all our customers.