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What is Lexapro

Lexapro is used to treat the significant overbearing disorder in adults and adolescents at least 12 years old.

This medication is also used for adults with anxiety.

 Lexapro is an antidepressant that belongs to a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. (SSRIs)

Escitalopram affects the levels of the brain that may be in altered people who are suffering from depression or anxiety.

Important Information 

This therapy helps to restore the balance of a specific natural substance. It can improve your energy level and feeling of well-being and also decrease nervousness.

It is used in the treatment of depression. It works with your brain to restore natural things in your mind.

Some of the young people thought about suicide when first taking antidepressants, sp that’s why to stay alert to change your mood or sign.

What to know before taking Lexapro

If you are allergic to this medication, then you should not use Lexapro if you take ( pimozide or citalopram)

If you take or use MAO inhibitor within 14 days or after the 14 days, don’t use Lexapro because it causes dangerous effects to your body.

Take medicine, opioid medication, or medicine for depression, migraine, herbal products, mental illness, profound effects, or prevention from vomiting. These all medicines can interact with escitalopram and can create a dangerous condition known as serotonin syndrome.

Before tracking this medicine, make a confirmation from your doctor if you have these:

  • A stroke,
  • Drug addiction or thinking related to suicide,
  • Bleeding problems,
  • Liver or kidney diseases,
  • Heart diseases like high blood pressure,
  • The low sodium level in your blood,
  • Seizures

Some younger people think about suicide when they take the first dose of this medication, so be alert to your doctor or your caretaker to change your mood and symptoms you and the doctor should check on you regularly.

Lexapro is not allowed for children who are younger than 12 years.

Consult your doctor if you are pregnant because taking this medication can cause late pregnancy due to late pregnancy creating complications in medical care for the baby. Do not stop this medication without the guidance of a doctor.

If you are pregnant, list yourself in a pregnancy registry to see your baby’s effects of escitalopram on your baby by your doctor.

If you are feeding the baby milk, ask your doctor to notice drowsiness, feeding problems, or poor weight gain nursing the baby.

How to take Lexapro

Your doctor’s prescription takes Lexapro medicine. Follow all the directions and guidance which are on medicine labels. Only your doctor can change your dose according to your situation.

Using this medicine in the form of liquid, then use it very carefully, use the measurement to measure the liquid form of treatment, or use the dosing syringe provided.

You can use this medicine simultaneously each day, with the food or without the food.

After medication, it can take four weeks to improve your symptoms. Keep using this medication as your doctor guides you.

Doctors give this medication to children after checking their weight gain and height.

Do not stop this medicine all of a sudden. You control this medicine all of a sudden, then create unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Ask when you have to stop this medication.

Lexapro Dosage 

For Adults, if they have Anxiety Disorders

Starting dose: 10 mg in a day increases if at least one week of treatment to 20 mg in one day.

Maintenance dose: 10 to 20 mg in a day.

Maximum dose: 20 mg in a day.

Usual Adult dose for depression:

Starting dose:10 mg in a day 

Maximum amount: 20 mg in one day.

Patients should be periodically reassessed to the need for maintenance treatment.

Acuteness can require many months or longer of balanced pharmacological therapy beyond the response to the acute people.

12 years old dosage:

Starting dose: 10 mg in a day if you want to increase if necessary after three weeks of s to 20 mg once a day.

Maximum dose:

20 mg in a day.

Acute and maintenance treatment of a major depressive disorder.


Immediately take the help of medical attention or call the helpline number. 

What to avoid while using Lexapro

Before using this medication, ask your doctor. Using NSAID with Lexapro can cause you to bleed easily.

Avoid drinking alcohol, and when the work of medicine starts on your body, it affects you, so avoid driving or any activity which is harmful to you.

Lexapro Side Effects

Consult your doctor if you have new symptoms like mood or behavior changes, anxiety, difficulties in sleeping, or if you feel impulsive, upset, agitated, restless, more depressed, or have thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself.

Consult your doctor if you have the following:

  • Racing thought, unusual risk-taking behavior, feeling of extreme happiness or sadness,
  • Pain or burning when you urinate,
  • Slow growth, or weight gain,
  • Blurred vision, or seeing halos around lights,
  • Swelling, eye pain, tunnel vision.
  • Low level of sodium in your body
  • Severe nervous system reaction,

A common side effect of taking Lexapro

  • Yawing,
  • Sleeping problem,
  • Pain during urination,
  • Increase muscle movements, feeling shaky,
  • Laziness, drowsiness, weakness,
  • Decreased in sex drive, having an orgasm.
  • Nausea, contraction,
  • Feeling anxious or agitated,

What drugs can interact with Lexapro

Consult a doctor if you have all your current medicine like a blood thinner, warfarin, coumadin, or Jantovan.

Using this medicine can cause drowsiness and can worsen the effects.

Many drugs can interact with escitalopram, and who should not use some medications at the same time.